Dampak Ketidaklengkapan Komponen Analisis Kuantitatif Pada Rekam Medis Pasien Rawat Inap Terhadap Tertib Administrasi Rekam Medis Di Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Sanjiwani Kabupaten Gianyar

The Impact of Incomplete Components of Quantitative Analysis on Inpatient Medical Records on the Orderly Administration of Medical Records at sanjiwani regional general hospital, Gianyar regency

Desak Made Ayu Diah Ardiantari1, Dr. dr. Bambang Hadi Kartiko, 2, I Gusti Ngurah Manik Nugraha 3

Program Studi Perekam dan Informasi Kesehatan, Universitas Dhyana Pura1,2,3

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                 Based on the observations of patient safety incident reports in 2021, there were 67 incidents and KTD reports, bpjs health cost claims in the first quarter of 2022 were returned totaling 81. The purpose of the study was to determine the impact of the incompleteness of the quantitative analysis component of the medical records of inpatients on the orderly administration of medical records at Sanjiwani Hospital, Gianyar Regency. The research design is descriptive qualitative analytics, with a sample of 8 officers in the Medical Record Installation.The results of the study obtained the impact of incompleteness of the components of the nitatitative analysis of medical records of inpatients, including the impact of incompleteness of identification reviews, namely: delays in the administrative service process for patients, difficulty placing forms on medical record bendels, difficulty distinguishing patients from one another, can result in drug dosage errors, and difficulty determining the ownership of medical records, the impact of incompleteness of important report reviews,  namely: the delay in providing the BPJS claim submission file, and the obstruction of bpjs claim submission, the impact of incomplete review of authentication, namely: medical records do not have legal validity, difficulties of the hospital if there is a lawsuit and there are difficulties if there is an error in the administration of drugs or drug allergies to patients, and the impact of incomplete review documentation, namely: delay in making KLPCM reports, and hampered submission of insurance claims.Based on the results of the study, it was concluded that it was: errors in identifying patients, delays in submitting BPJS claims, medical records could not be used as evidence of defense or legal protection, and the emergence of errors by medical personnel in reading patient medical records.

Keywords: Impact of incompleteness of quantitative components of medical records, orderly administration of medical records.


Published: 2022-10-01